About Us

Our mission is to evolve a lasting relationships with our clients by providing quality service and value.

Douglas L. LeFevre & Company CPA PC is a full-service tax and accounting firm established in 1997. Whether at your primary base of operations or ours, we are well equipped to handle all your needs pertaining to accounting, bookkeeping and tax.

Rendering solutions to the tax and accounting issues affecting our clientele, our founder has devoted his entire public accounting career to effectively addressing the diverse needs of the firm’s clients. In our present scope of operations, we work closely with clients in the securities space, as well as professionals in other key fields.

We are committed to utilizing leading edge software packages in the execution of tax preparation for our clients. We strive to be ahead of the curve with respect to knowledge of the ever-evolving tax regimes as they require a thorough understanding to apply to a vast array of client needs and circumstances.

- Douglas L. LeFevre, CPA

We Consistently Engage With Clients Across Sectors Including:

  • Corporate Finance and Securities Trading Institutions
  • Small and Medium Service Enterprises
  • Professional Practices
  • Law Practices
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Investors in the Real Estate Space
  • Consultants

What We Do

We take it upon ourselves to be up to date on the latest developments in tax legislation, tax strategies and other critical developments in this fiscal space so as to advise you in the most straightforward manner possible.

Contact Us

Our team of professionals are available to field inquiries you may have regarding your tax needs.

Douglas L. LeFevre & Company CPA PC
401 S. LaSalle St., Suite 901, Chicago, IL 60605

Please email us at info@lefevrecpa.com
or call 312-786-5991

Our office is located next to the Financial Exchanges at the corner of LaSalle and Van Buren.